Welcome to the information center for Shawn Roberts.

For the last 10 years, I’ve worked for both traditional and digital media companies in the Bay Area, helping them to sell advertising & content, develop new opportunities, forecast their future, and find operational efficiencies.  With deep experience in B2B & B2C Marketing, Finance, and Business Development, I’m seeking a new position where I can put all this to work and build smart sustainable growth at both the top & bottom of your P&L.

I have two key beliefs that drive my work:

  1. Supporting Sales Means Creating Opportunities For Conversations
    Great marketing is the constant process of creating context and starting conversations that makes it easy for your sales team to sell and for customers to choose your solution.
  2. All Companies Are Media Companies
    In an age where media tools are truly democratized, it’s incumbent on all companies to think of themselves as media companies – creating content to go beyond the transaction to build & foster engagement and real relationships.

I am currently consulting for small businesses and non-profits under my ‘corporate umbrella,’ Doxagle.  Please visit that site to see my projects and examples of my writing and thinking.

To learn more about me, please contact me or have a look through the links in the sidebar.  For more details on my work experience, you can download my resume and a few of the marketing pieces I’ve created in previous positions.  You can also see recommendations from former colleagues and service providers.

I also have an on-again-off-again personal & professional blog, The Entroporium, where I occasionally brain-dump about my obsessions: music, media, sports and whatever else happens to get in the way.

Thanks – and come again!

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