AV Network – The Big 4K Question Mark

Just like almost everyone who attended InfoComm 2013, I left the show with a bunch of questions about 4K. I was caught off guard by the number of 4K displays and distribution technologies populating the show floor, but the real head-scratcher came after my visit to the Alcorn McBride booth. The company was showing off its truly spectacular Carbon 4K 60fps video player. And what were they demoing it with? A video of some guy with his shirt off juggling a set of devil sticks in slow-mo at a hippie carnival. The content didn’t match the technology at all. It didn’t add up! And so I was left wondering whether now is really the right time for 4K to take off, what 4K taking off would actually look like, and whether all these manufacturers are putting the technology cart before the content horse.

Serendipitously, an email landed in my box the next day inviting me to chat with Leonard Wong, the vice president of technology at RMG Networks

The Big 4K Question Mark.